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Circa 2004


Update 2021: Given the issues with our elections last year, the original content from this legacy site was deemed historically important for those looking at the evolution of voting systems in the US. In light of current events, the Web Archive Project funded its restoration for use by educators and the public who may be interested in the role private innovators played in our electoral process. Daniel Decker applied for the grant on behalf of Vote America! and Election Nation. Sponsors included the Louisiana maritime attorneys at OffshoreInjuryLouisiana.com who played active roles in advocating for voters' rights. The union workers working the docks and rigs in Louisiana's ports strongly supported Vote America's efforts to make elections more transparent and fair, not only for maritime employees, but also for all US citizens.



Vogue Election Products & Services was a developer of innovative election products.This was their website for a number of years.
Content is from the site's 2004 archived pages to be viewed in its historical contex.


Vogue Election Products & Services, LLC.

Our latest offering, the AutoMark™ Voter Assist Terminal is an exciting new product that provides voters with disabilities the ability to mark an optical scan paper ballot. Not only does this product open the election process to voters with disabilities as never before, but also it gives election jurisdictions HAVA compliance which protects their legacy optical scan systems and maintains a paper audit trail. 

Voter Assist Terminal

The AutoMark is a ballot marking system designed to provide privacy and accessibility to voters who are blind, vision-impaired, or have a disability or condition that would make it difficult or impossible to mark a ballot in the usual way. In addition, it provides language assistance to voters who are more comfortable speaking an alternative language or who have reading difficulties. The AutoMark voter assist terminal has been developed with input from election authorities and disability organizations, and meets all of the requirements of “The Help America Vote Act of 2002.”

Voters insert their standard optically scanned ballot--punch-card width or standard page width--into the slot, and the AutoMark reads the ballot style. There’s no need for a special ballot. Voters can use the touch screen to scroll through the options and make their selections. Then the AutoMark prints the selections onto the ballot, and the ballot is returned to the voter to be cast in the regular fashion.

Accessibility for Voters with Disabilities
Disabilities which might prevent a voter from marking a ballot range from blindness or impaired vision, to an age-related condition such as arthritis or Parkinson's disease. In addition, a temporary condition such as a broken arm could make it difficult for a person to mark his or her vote. The AutoMark voter assist terminal displays each race on screen in a variety of magnifications, and the voter uses the touch screen to make a selection. Blind voters or those with severely impaired vision can choose to listen to the choices through headphones.

Alternative Language Accessibility
Assuring that all citizens in a diverse population can exercise their privilege to vote, visual and audible ballots in multiple languages can be stored on a single machine.

Audit Capability
The AutoMark does not tally or store votes. The AutoMark simply marks a conventional paper ballot which is then cast by the voter. The paper ballot can be audited in the same manner as hand marked ballots.

Protect Legacy Systems
The AutoMark is designed to work with and enhance all major optical scan/mark sense voting systems currently in use. It is expected that the vast majority of voters will continue to manually mark paper ballots during the election process. Voters with disabilities or a personal preference will be able to use the AutoMark by inserting the same paper ballot used by other voters into the AutoMark.

After all decisions have been made by the voter, the AutoMark prints those selections on the paper ballot which is then cast by the voter in a manner identical to all other voters, using existing optical scanner hardware/software solutions. There's no need to reinvest in a new ballot style or tabulation system.

Write-In Candidates
The AutoMark also allows for write-in candidates where appropriate. Voters can spell their candidate’s name using a touch-screen keyboard. Blind voters can use audio prompts to navigate through and select letters one at a time. After all selections are made and the answers have been confirmed by the voter, the AutoMark prints the name of the designated write-in candidates in the appropriate locations on the ballot.

No Special Ballot
The AutoMark does not require a special ballot. Voters with disabilities and those requiring language assistance use the same ballot as any other voter. The AutoMark scans the ballot to determine the appropriate ballot style, and presents the choices for each race in sequence. Once the voter has made his or her selections, the AutoMark fills in the ovals or squares and prints the write-ins as entered by the voter. The voter then takes the marked ballot to the tabulation equipment, just like any other voter. There is no need to print special ballots, and voters with disabilities get the same privacy and confidentiality as other voters.

Over-voting cannot occur when a voter uses the AutoMark to mark his or her ballot. The AutoMark software has been developed to ensure that no more than the proper number of candidates can be chosen for each race.

The AutoMark minimizes under-voting by providing voters with a summary page of their selections. Voters will be able to notice any skipped races and are free to change their selections prior to printing.

The AutoMark Voter Assist Terminal has been federally certified and is in use in 35 states.


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The AutoMark is a ballot marking system designed to provide compliance with “The Help America Vote Act of 2002” while working with current optical scan voting systems instead of replacing them. 

The "V-Box" helps minimize storage for optical scan tabulators. This state-of-the-art collapsible ballot box takes up less than 1/3 the space of other ballot boxes!

Durable, lightweight and versatile, our Voting Booth is designed for convenience at the polling place.

The Vogue "Ballot Transfer Sleeve" AKA: Andersen Sleeve comes in 2 - sizes accommodating 14" & 19" ballots.


Voter Assist Terminal
Ballot Box
Voting Booth
  Ballot Transfer Sleeve  

The flexible, durable, portable, collapsible ballot box for Optical Scan Tabulators!

Simplify the transport of optical scan tabulators to and from the polls on election day and store and protect them year round with the V-Box!

Minimize Storage for Your Optical Scan Tabulators
The V-Box ballot box was designed and developed in conjunction with election officials. It works with the ES&S M100 Scanner and the AccuVote Optical Scan Tabulator. This-state-of-the-art collapsible ballot box takes up less than 1/3 the space of other ballot boxes, thus saving you money in storage expenses.

Easily Transport To and From the Polling Place
The V-Box has wheels and a handle, so it can be rolled like a suitcase. Because it is collapsible, it fits into the trunk or back seat of most compact cars.

The V-Box ballot box has worked extremely well for us. With 850 ballot boxes, moving and storage has been a tremendous problem in the past. Not only does the Space Saver make preparing for an election easier, they have superior functionality in the polling place and have cut our storage requirements by over half.

Robert Saar
Executive Director
DuPage Election Commission
DuPage County, Illinois

Secure Ballot Storage During Elections
The scanner locks into position and the ballots drop into the secure storage compartment after tabulation. The ballot compartment is divided into two spacious compartments. Write-ins are diverted to a discrete area, while standard ballots fall into the main compartment, which has a 3000 ballot capacity!

Enhanced Privacy and Security
The V-Box includes a privacy shield to provide voter confidentiality. For added security, the tabulator is locked into place and access to the memory card is covered with a locked compartment providing additional security.


The V-Box can easily fit in the trunk of a small or mid-size car.

Other ballot boxes are prone to warping, but the V-Box is constructed of heat resistant/high impact thermo plastic--the same plastic used for automobile bumpers--for long lasting, lightweight durability under any climatic conditions. Will not dent or rust.



Bringing the same experience and innovation to voting booth design as in our ballot boxand our other products, the Vogue I Voting Booth is designed to look good and last for years!

It features a heavy duty, high-impact plastic case with easy to follow instructions molded right into the case. Packed inside the case are lightweight aluminum legs with featured stabilizer bars for added strength and stability. Optional UL listed florescent light fixtures are available for voter safety. The unit is designed with molded stacking features for easy storage. Available in heights to accommodate standing voters as well as ADA-compliant wheelchair-height versions.

  • 5-year Warranty
  • Dual Wall construction
  • Aluminum "Stabilizer" bars
  • With or without lights
  • Heavy-duty plastic case
  • Molded stacking features

Everything stores inside the case for easy transport and storage.
Lightweight, and simple to set up, for added convenience at the polling place.

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please contact us on-line or call us at 888.761.9266